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Review: Crumpler Hee-Goer Notebook Bag

hee-goerCrumpler bags were conceived back in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia by a couple ex-bicycle messengers. They wanted a messenger style bag that was durable and visible. They came up with a solution, and the rest is history. They have branched out by making more than messenger bags. They now carry a wide variety of notebook, camera, messenger, and everyday bags. It's a very fun company, and they have some very cool bags to choose from.

One of the bags that caught my eye was 'The Hee-Goer'. It's a horizontal bag made to fit your 12 inch iBook, Powerbook, or MacBook. Hee-Goer Highlights - 1000D water resistant nylon shell & 420D Ripstop nylon lining. - Fully padded inside pockets (important for keeping your Mac safe) - 4 Inside velcro pockets, pen/pencil pockets, 1 zippered mesh pocket, and one horizontal fully enclosed zipper pocket that spans the width of the of the bag - Adjustable shoulder strap - Five color choices First Impressions Upon opening up the box, I was quite surprised by the good looks of the Hee-Goer. They sent me a vibrant red bag, and I was extremely pleased with the looks of it. The bag was very stylish, visible, and appeared to be well constructed. The inside appeared to have room for everything this reviewer was going to carry. crumpler hee-goer External The Hee-Goer features a large adjustable external shoulder strap. Adjusting it is simple, thanks to the huge Quick Flip clip. You simply choose how much slack you want, clamp it down, and you are all set. crumpler shoulder strap Since this bag has such a lengthy strap, you can fold it over a couple of times and then secure it inisde the removable shoulder pad. So, whether you are 6ft. or 5 ft., you can adjust the strap to a comfortable fit. This bag also features a 3rd leg stability strap, which connects onto the side of the bag. I didn't have any comfort issues with the shoulder strap at all. While not overly comfortable, it was nice fit, and if you secure it properly, the shoulder pad will stay in one spot. This can be tricky, but if you use the 3rd leg stability strap to go over the shoulder pad, that helps keep everything in the right spot. crumpler hee-goer On the side of the bag is a sewn in loop, which you could slip an umbrella into, or even better, connect an external iPod case, like the Winkler, that i reviewed awhile back. The front flap is double secured with clips and velcro. Unhook the two front clips, and then open the flap, which is secured with two large and very noisy pieces of velcro. front openCrumpler - Heegoer - 6 Internal Storage On the inside flap is a large mesh zippered compartment. It's a high quality mesh, and the metal zipper is appreciated. It is large enough to easily grab, and I didn't see any problems with the zipper teeth hanging. Crumpler - Heegoer - 7 When you unzip the frontmost compartment, you will see that it features two deep velcro closed pockets on either side of the bag, and a fully zippered compartment that spans the 3/4 width of the bag. This is great for putting in all of your accessories, such as plane tickets, iPod stuff, and whatever else you can stick in there. There is ample room for any normal items that you would find in a notebook bag, that's for sure. inside pocket The next compartment includes two very large velcro pockets that you can cram all kinds of items into. At one point, I had a memory card reader, camera, iBook power adapter, iTrip, wallet, a couple issues of Mac World, and a whole lot more. You can really load this thing up. Crumpler - Heegoer - 12 Most importantly, the inside of this compartment contains a large padded area to tote your Mac. This compartment is padded all over, and even has padding on the bottom, which will help keep your computer safe, in case you set the bag down, or heaven forbid, you drop it. crumpler hee-goer inside Your notebook is covered by a padded triangular flap, which unfortunately doesn't span the whole width of the inside. I am a little bit disappointed by that, since they have done a great job everywhere else. It wouldn't be a problem for me, except one thing: any areas of your Mac that protrude these sides aren't protected with padding. Once you close the bag up, the corners of your Mac have a potential to get banged up, due to the lack of padding. You will probably be OK, but it is something to take note of. Crumpler - Heegoer - 8exposed mac Also noteworthy is that it is made for a 12 inch or 13 inch notebook, but I was able to fit my 14 inch iBook G4 in there just fine. Sure, it protrudes a bit, and leaves the sides exposed without padding... but so does the 12 inch. To be on the safe side, you might want to go with one of the larger models if you want to carry anything larger than a 13 inch MacBook. Construction This bag is high quality from start to finish. I couldn't find any problems at all with the quality of this bag. No loose threads, no jamming zippers, no cheap clips, etc. Crumpler has done a very nice job using higher end components, and it definitely shows. Final thoughts If you are looking for a durable notebook bag, the Crumpler Hee-Goer will make a good fit. Although a bit pricey, they will accommodate most of the gear and documents that you need to carry. The main problem I had with the bag was the lack of full coverage of my Mac inside the bag. Not a deal breaker for me, but it certainly is a concern. In my opinion, the Hee-Goer is a bag that is rock solid. It's stylish, lightweight, roomy, and attractive, and will complement a man or woman. If you want it in other sizes and colors, Crumpler has them. It's available in five color combinations, so you can definitely find one to suit your needs. Pros: -attractive -great construction -lots of room Cons: - Doesn't cover full top of notebook. - Expensive 4 out of 5