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Review: Case-Mate Naked Case for iPhone

This review is for the Naked Case for iPhone by Cast-Mate. This case is pretty popular for the plastic variety and after checking it out I can see why. Basic Info- This case is made of a special acrylic that is durable, fronted by an electrostatic membrane. The case is a good fit for the iPhone, allows good screen control and is unobtrusive. In terms of functionality, this case feels very durable. The back and edging is a thick acrylic that feels comfortable in the hand. There are openings for all the ports and buttons. Unlike some acrylic cases, this one doesn’t have hinges that get in the way. A Closer Look- The case fits very snug onto the phone. It comes in two pieces, you place the phone into one side, then slide the second piece, on the grooves, until the pieces snap together. The button that holds the pieces together, is hard to open, so the case won’t fall apart. The front piece of the case is what makes it so special. It is a special electrostatic membrane (layer of acrylic) that keeps the touch screen working fully. This case feels like it would survive the drop test. There’s a chance with a hard enough fall the pieces would come apart, though this case seems secure. Nice Details- The case itself is good looking. The clear case, doesn’t dress the iPhone up, but the Naked Case also comes in grey, white, pink and black to add a bit of color to your iPhone. The front membrane, looks as if it would stay cleaner than the actual phone and seems to be resistant to light scratching or scuffing. Case-Mate says this case isn’t designed to be used with screen protectors or Clear Armor, though I had it on my iPhone with it’s screen protector and had no problems. Clear Armor type protectors might be a different issue, since they are designed stronger. Although the front is scratch resistant, I notice the back is already lightly scuffed form my moving the phone around. Still, those are scuffs not on my iPhone. Conclusion: Even though I'm not a fan of plastic cases, I'm impressed with this one. It's unobtrusive, it slips on easily. The touch screen acts as if there is nothing there, but the screen is protected. This is a good case for protection, it's easy to use the iPhone with the case on and it looks good. 4.75 out of 5 by sheala