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Review: SleepPhones - Pajamas for Your Ears

I like to sleep. I can take a nap just about anywhere, and usually I am listening to my iPod when I do it. There is nothing like relaxing and listening to a Pzizz mix or my favorite podcasts. In fact I have a few that almost always put me to sleep! The problem is that my earbuds fall out or I wake up being strangled by the wires. Not anymore.  I have been using the SleepPhones for about a week and they are eliminating both of these problems. 

What are they? 

The SleepPhones are essentiality a nearly flat earbuds encased inside of a fleece headband, akin to the kind you see people wearing in the cold weather. The earband is actually Eco-firendly, made from Polartec fleece which is made from 88% recycled plastic bottles. Sleeping and saving the planet, two great ideas :-).

Initial impressions

Initially they were a little snug around my head the first couple of nights, but after that they seem to be stretched out to fit me perfectly now. They do come in three sizes - XS, One size fits all, and XL.  They say that most people choose the 'one size fits all' , and that's the one I have and it worked just fine for me.  

If you tend to sweat in your sleep, never fear, they are machine washable.  The earphones can come out via a velcro access strip, but I haven't attempted washing the earband yet, so I am not sure how well it would hold up over time.  It's just fleece, so I assume it will do quite well. My only niggling problem is the cord. The cord connector seems a little flimsy to me, so I do have some concerns that it might not hold up for the long haul. I'd like to see a little sturdier connection where it connects to the headphone jack, especially since it's going to get flexed all over the place if you toss and turn in your sleep. At the price-point they have these set at, I think a higher quality cord  is a must. 


Sleep better?

The SleepPhones folks focus a lot on binaural beat technology, designed to change brainwaves to help you get a good nights sleep. In fact, they even offer some free MP3s to listen to to help you fall asleep and sleep well so that you wake up recharged. While these are ok, they are unnecessary if all that you want is to lie down or fall asleep while listening to your music. Instead of the binaural beats they offer, I usually choose Pzizz as I can create custom mixes whenever, but even that isn't necessary. These are simply headphones wrapped in a cozy fleece covering. What you choose to listen to is up to you.

Since I already slept with earbuds in my ear, I immediately noticed improved comfort. The fleece is soft and fits well, and since the earbuds are nearly flat, I don't have earbuds poking me in the ear with increased pressure when I am laying on my side.

Sound quality

While you are listening, don't expect the same fidelity that your iPod earbuds have. The SleepPhones sound good, but if you are an audiophile, these may not be for you. They offer a typical 20-20kHz frequency response, but the sound is a little attenuated by the fleece. When used for the purpose they are intended, this is really a non-issue. I was actually surprised by how good they sounded. 


When you wake up, you simply fold up your earband, wrap the enclosed velcro around the wires and you are all set for the next night. If you want to splurge for an extra $2.95, you can get a lavender sachet to put them in. I guess that's an added touch, especially if you are giving them as a gift. 


The SleepPhones offer a fantastic experience for people needing to get a good night sleep. They offer the  perfect solution to earbuds that fall out or are uncomfortable when lying down. While you can listen to anything you want, when combined with technologies focused on sleeping, such as Binaural beats, you are almost guaranteed a better nights sleep. These are a great product for people that choose to sleep with their iPod or other music player. Highly recommended!

Pros: Works as advertised; Comfortable; Eco-Friendly.

Cons: Price; Flimsy connector. 

Product: SleepPhones

Price: $54.95

Colors: Deep Blue or Midnight Black