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Review: Funbooth 2 - Video and Picture Fun on the Mac

Do you like to play around with your Mac's built-in camera? Tired of Photo Booth and ready for something new? Funbooth 2 might be the answer to cure that need. Essentially it's a 3rd party app that provides you the interface to create fun filled pictures and videos. It offers some built-in 'props' that you can use to enhance your photos. Want to wear a mask, eye patch, skeleton mask, and more? Fun Booth 2 has them all and even offers you the ability to add your own custom props.

What really shines in Funbooth 2 is it's advanced face recognition technology. When you move, the hat continues to stay on top of your head and the eye patches cover your eyes, etc. It's pretty neat. You can snap pictures and even take videos. It's the perfect way to liven up your Facebook profile pic. Who doesn't like a skeleton with an eye patch and statue of liberty hat for a Halloween profile pic? Watch the demo

 If you want to share your pics & videos, Funbooth 2 offers several options; you can iPhoto, Email, You Tube, and Flickr them, but it also offers saving to an FTP server or sending directly to a printer.

If you aren't using Snow Leopard (the latest version of OS X), you can even use it with iChat to jazz up your video conversations. Pretty cool. Unfortunately they aren't offering it with the Snow Leopard of iChat, so beware that it's only currently available on OS X 10.5. Adults will tire of the app quickly, but the kids will love it.

Pros: Lots of fun.  Impressive facial recognition. Exports to popular sharing sites. 

Cons: Not fully Snow Leopard compatible. Need a fairly fast mac to run it well.  Small number of built in props.

Note: I speak more about it during our pick section on Episode 79 of 'The MacRoundtable'


Funbooth 2 is a really fun app to play around with, but it gets old pretty quick. You will find yourself firing it up when you are showing off to your non-Mac using friends and when the kids are around. If buy it with this in mind, then you will get your $19.99 of entertainment value out of it. It works as advertised and I think it's  a blast. 

App: Funbooth 2
Company: SpoonJuice
Price: $19.99 USD  (free trial download)