Free AppStore Gems


A quick look into the app store will sometimes reveal some real gems - and this week, here are my current free favorites

  • Monday - 1Checker - This is a great proofreading application, help your writing with a little assistance from their online ability to process your prose.

  • Tuesday - Tyme - This is a pretty nice little Time Tracker. If you do any contract or freelance work, this has a nice interface for tracking project time, and even exporting it in a CSV format.

  • Wednesday - FolxGo - Now that Speed Download isn't supported on the latest editions of OS X, this a nice free app, with an option for an in-app purchase that enables scheduling and other tweaks. It even has plug-ins for your browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Opera....

  • Thursday - Composure - This is a fun little free app for collaging your photos, adding stickers to them, fun frames, etc. They do hit you with some in-app adds, but its still a cool little app.

  • Friday - Caffeine - It's been in my menubar for ever. Whenever I'm copying files, watching a video, burning a disc - I want my Mac to stay awake. Caffeine is a cool little app that does just that, with a shot of Caffeine.