Cloak - Free VPN Service for Mac, iPad, and iPhone


There is a new VPN service on the Apple scene — and it's simple to use. It's called 'Cloak', and they offer a free service for up to 2hrs online or 1GB of secured traffic. This is great for when you are making a quick stop at Panera Bread, hotel, conference, or anywhere they have unsecured Wi-Fi. If you want more than the free account, you can pay $8/mo w/ 20GB of data, or $15/mo for 50GB of data. This is a fairly inexpensive solution for what it provides. 

If you are a geek and want to know all of the technical details, check out their 'technology deep dive'. 

I've been testing the free Cloak service on the Mac, and it's drop dead simple. I have mine configured to use the Cloak VPN service whenever I am on an unencrypted Wi-Fi network. 

They also have a client for your iOS devices as well — so you can ostensibly protect all of your traffic on your Apple Devices. 

Worth a look — check it out. 

Cloak - Free