Mac Roundtable Crew Events - You Don't Want to Miss These!

If you are going to Macworld|iWorld this week, be sure to check out the Mac Roundtable crew in action with their separate events or the full fledged live Mac Roundtable Podcast. It's a great opportunity to learn, socialize, and visit with some of the best folks in the Mac community. This is your only opportunity to meet up with all of your favorites hosts (except me) as they make the trek to San Francisco this week.

Hosts: Adam Christianson, Chuck Joiner, David Sparks, Katie Floyd, Victor Caijio, Steve Stanger, Dave Hamilton, John Braun, Allison Sheridan, John Chambers, Ken Ray, and Jeff Gamet will all be on site, so come by and say hi.

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Thursday 1/26

10a-10:45a - David Sparks is opening the tip jar with  "40 OS X Tips in 40 Minutes".

11a-11:45a - Dave Hamilton talks 'Backing Up Your Mac - What You Need To Know".

11a-11:45a - Allison Sheridan is "Blindfolded". Do you really need a description for that? Don't miss it.

1p- 1:45p - Don McAllister gives your the "Hidden Secrets of QuickTime OS X".

1p- 1:45p - Chuck Joiner give some much needed advice on "Parenting in the Mobile Internet Age".


Friday 1/ 27

10a - 10:45a - Annual "MacRoundtable Podcast - LIVE!!"

11a - 11:45a - Katie Floyd & David Sparks w/ special guest Merlin Mann and actor Rob Corddry - "Mac Power User Workflow" live episode.

1p- 1:45p - Chuck Joiner shows you the "Mac, iPad, and iPhone Essentials: The Stuff You Gotta Have".

2p - 2:45p - Jeff Gamet breaks out "iCloud's Little Helpers: Easy Ways to Get More Out of Apple's Cloud Service". He might even wear pants!

2p - 2:45p - Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun answer your questions with a LIVE "Mac Geek Gab!!"

Party Time Friday

8p-?? - Dave Hamilton hosts the epic annual Cirque du Mac party.