iMac to Macbook Air

Apple imac core duo

It's been a long time coming. I finally upgraded from my 2006 1st gen Intel iMac, a 1.83 Ghz monster. That actually was my fastest Mac, and when I bought it back in 2006, it was AMAZING. Previously I had 2 iBook G4 14" 933MHZ & a 1.2Ghz Mac Mini G4, which are dog slow now. You can't even run Hulu on them, as Flash is just too demanding.

My iMac was the first Intel based iMac, and it was fast. At that time it was running Mac OS X Tiger. It seemed like it was the best machine out there when I bought it, and then Apple played a cruel trick on me -- they upgraded the processor from a CoreDuo to a Core2Duo in the fall of the same year. Well, I  pushed that iMac along until OS X Lion appeared, with a couple of small upgrades to 2GB of Ram and a 1TB hard drive. Sadly, Apple dropped all support for anything other than a Core2Duo processor, thus if I want to stay current I had to buy a new Machine. I have to admit though, 5 years for a Mac is pretty good. I was able to upgrade to the following two operating systems (10.5 & 10.6) and had no trouble. As an aside, the latest iLife did seem to run much slower on this iMac than the previous version.

Well, now I am a proud new owner of a 13" Macbook Air Core i5 w/ 4GB Ram. So far I love this machine. Everything is snappy, Lion is great, and the fit and finish is something to drool upon. It's so nice. One problem though - I have a dreaded 'trackpad' issue. The first day I got the Macbook Air, no problems at all. Now I am suffering from an over sensitive trackpad that tends to move windows, select text, double click, and anything else it wants to do.

The Good news is that I am going to drive to an Apple store sometime soon (it's 4 hrs away) and see if they will swap it out with a new one. That seems to be the remedy they are using in-store. So for now, a mouse is still my best friend. The Macbook Air works fine with that.

If you only knew how tough it is to watch all of my Mac friends online upgrading their Macs every other month. I'm proud of myself though, I made it 5 years -- so WOW does this really feel like an upgrade!

The moral - sometimes it pays to wait.