iPhone Event Confirmed - October 4th


FINALLY! iPhone event confirmation - October 4th on the Apple Campus. This is actually one invite that can be somewhat deciphered. The calendar shows 'Tuesday - 4' for Oct 4th, the Clock shows '10' for a 10am event (typical of all Apple events), and the '280' on the Google Maps represents the highway next to Cupertino, Apple's HQ. The Phone emblem and the '1' isn't as clear, but it probably refers to the event title - 'Let's Talk iPhone'. Meaning - one iPhone -- not two.

Sadly, I doubt it's going to be a 4G iPhone. We don't even know if it's going to be an iPhone 5. Maybe just a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4.

I do have a feeling that Apple won't offer a 4G phone until at least 2/3 of the US providers can support it. With 4G service still not prevalent everywhere-- Verizon in over 160 markets (mine included), and AT&T in 5, and Sprint in 40.. Well, I think we will be waiting until next year.

Apple has made mention of not making compromises to go to 4G, and that probably involves waiting for a lower power consumption chipset.

Still, this iPhone will be worth the long wait -- and iOS 5 is incredible.