I sold a Mac at Best Buy

I should work at Best Buy. I was there today checking out my soon to be new computers, the Macbook Air & iMac. We don't have an Apple store in my area, so BB is my only chance to get hands on time with them.  I was working on one of the iMacs, putting it through it's paces and a gentleman walks up and tells the sales rep he needs a new Mac. The BB employee quickly leads him to the Macbook Air and talks up about how you can shake it around, as there are no moving parts. The soon to be owner starts hammering the BB employee with questions and this poor guy couldn't answer them without looking at the spec card. So much in fact that he couldn't tell the difference between the 11" and 13". Come on!!

Anyway, I just couldn't take it anymore and had to interject. I let him know that for his needs he should go with the Macbook Air. Explained all of the ins and outs, the thunderbolt port (neither one had heard of it before),  and also informed him that the Air is the only Mac ever to get a 5-mouse rating from Macworld Magazine. The BB employee finally said, "he knows more about it than me!" Ya think? I answered a few more questions and finally the guy said he's sure that's the one he wants, but he wants to check other prices first. (Read that as I told him about the $100 app store card from Apple if you buy from them :-) Honestly, I can't blame the BB guy, he has a lot of products to keep track of, and I keep track of Apple. But, it's just one more reason people should go to an Apple store if they aren't familiar with the Mac.

The funny thing is that the last time I was there, I saw a guy from church and he started asking me for computer advice. Probably would have sold him one too... but I got called away. Oh well, next time.

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