iOS 4.3 Released Early!

Apple released the latest edition of their portable device operating system, iOS 4.3. It brings minor updates and bug fixes compared to the 4.2 update, but you will certainly want to upgrade to it. They have not released it for the Verizon iPhone 4 yet, but I can only imagine that it will be coming out shortly. 

Highlights include enhanced 'Airplay' performance and features. You can now stream content from your iOS device to your Apple TV, and also stream videos from your photo app. 

Safari browsing should be sped up a little since it is now using the Nitro JavaScript engine, so interactive sites will appear much faster. 

The iTunes Home Sharing update allows you to play your entire iTunes library from anywhere in the house. If it's on your Mac or PC, you can now watch or listen to it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This has been missing for quite awhile and I'm glad to see it available. 

If you have the iPhone 4, you can now use the personal Wi-Fi hotspot if you choose to pay AT&T or Verizon the extra cost for it. It allows you to share your iPhone 4 internet connection with up to 3 wireless devices or 5 total devices if three are wireless and the other two can be USB or Bluetooth. 

Many of these features rely on you having the latest iTunes 10.2.1, so be sure you upgrade to it before you install iOS 4.3 so you can take advantage of all of the features.