iPad 2 is Here!

iPad 2 is here. Well, almost. Yesterday,  I followed along with the Apple Keynote by listening to Leo Laporte's Twit Live stream. Leo didn't have an audio stream of the actual keynote, but his narration was enough to satisfy me as I was driving. As an aside, my AT&T iPhone was on the 'E' edge network most of the time and couldn't keep up with the stream, so I had to use my Verizon Android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot since it was receiving 3G and used my iPhone 4 to listen to the stream. Regardless, I was able to keep a consistent connection until I could get back into AT&T 3G coverage.

The keynote was as expected, with a couple of surprises. The iPad 2 does have a dual-core processor now with graphics up to 9 times faster than the previous version. It comes with dual cameras as expected. It's also thinner and slightly lighter. It's actually thinner than the iPhone 4 which really has me intrigued. 

Apple has designed a 'Smart Cover' for the new iPad 2 that attaches magnetically. This actually is pretty cool, even at the $39 price.  See the demo video here

The iPad 2 launch day is March 11, 2011 at 5PM. Pre-orders will be accepted at the same time stores open with the product. I'm pretty sure this is by design. They aren't taking chances with having lackluster lines like the Verizon iPhone 4 had. That would be embarrasing.