They ask, Why no Podcast? This is why.

It's been over six months since I have been able to justify taking the time to make some new episodes of Mac Tips Daily!. Well, I found out that as time passes, things change.

1. - Garage Band 11 came out. This is my tool of choice for creating a podcast, and sure enough, I updated it when iLife 11 came out. The editor totally changed and was implementing a new feature I didn't want. Flex Time editing.  On top of that, during the upgrade, it didn't transfer all of my preset equalization and enhancements I use for the show. You may notice it sounds different. 

The Flex Time editing was the biggest problem. Typically, when you want to edit a flub out of some audio, you mouse over the section and do Command-X.  This 'cuts' it out. When I tried this, it kept trying to force me into this 'flex time' editor that simply changed the pitch and was auto-tuning my voice. Hmm.. maybe that's how they 'auto-tune the news'. But anyway, it was annoying.  So, I found the solution, and that is what the new episode is all about. Editing audio the old GB 09' way!

2. My podcast host, Libsyn, changed their whole format since the last time I uploaded an episode. I used to use Podcast Maker to do all of the RSS for my show. It used to be a great solution, but over time, Libsyn has made it more and more difficult to do. Their FTP rules changed, and since I hosted my feed with Feedburner, that also threw some advanced configuration into the mix. I literally had to write myself a tutorial on how to post an episode. Posting a show has continued to be an arduous task since they started doing this. I think I have it figured out now.. how to post and get the feed working. But, the downside is that I can no longer use Podcast Maker to do it, at least with this new workflow. Perhaps one day I will look into it, but for now, I guess I am forced into using Libsyn's automated web interface. I'm not happy about it, and still since I use Feedburner, it's not as easy as upload, title, and publish.

3. I currently have no Podcast Advertising. Funny how lack of content makes them leave. But that's ok.  Also, lack of user donations and support clearly have an effect on when I publish. When I get donations, it obligates me to put some content out there. The first 300 episodes were a labor of love and hobby, but after awhile you like to see some compensation (even just the $10/mo. I have paid for all of these years to keep the shows online). I want to keep the show free, and that is what I am continuing to do. It still gets downloaded and people enjoy it, and I really love teaching about the Mac. But, at the same time, I still get emails of people saying I should change the name.... to "Mac Tips Occasionally". Those same people that love the show. Maybe I should change it. Just remember, a 2-3 minute show is about one hour to produce (if I'm lucky!). That's about 20 hours a month on a regular schedule.  

4. This isn't a complaint post. Just my thoughts, and answers to the email I get on a continual basis. 

5. Today's episode was a headache to do, but it is what I needed to do to get up to speed on all of these changes.  This show took 4 hours to produce and get uploaded. I hope you enjoy!

Mac Tips Daily! #403 - Enjoy!