Review: Labels & Addresses from Belight Soft - Best Label Program on the Mac

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Printing labels on the Mac isn't as easy as it should be. This became extremely apparent to me when my wife suddenly had the need to process postcards at an alarming rate for a project she was working on. I tried a few different applications, but none other than Belight's Labels & Addresses even came close to meeting my needs. Instead of a catch all program most people use, like MS Word or Apple's Pages, this is a SPECIFIC application that does precise labels, envelopes, mail merges, etc… and does it exactly right.

Setting up your first printing is extremely easy - they even have an assistant to get you started. Each one can customized to your own granular needs. The basic assistant offers you pre-defined designs, labels, addresses, and postcards. Most of them are good looking and well thought out, and can easily be customized to meet your needs. This is really for people that don't have an idea, but can use these as baselines and then go in and customize them.

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It supports hundreds of  popular pre-defined media types and they are easily searchable. If you need an Avery - 10 Video Tape label, no problem -- they've got it.  If they don't most pre-packaged labels tell you the dimensions, so you can input those into a custom label set.

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Labels and Addresses offers importing and placement of everything you could possibly need for creating the perfect printouts. Not only does it already come with a plethora of built-in clip art, but you can import images from your current libraries, create images with Belight's Art Text (if you own it), pre-defined handling labels, and even barcodes. I was impressed by the sheer amount of flexibility this application offers. For example, alignment tools are key for making your labels, cards, envelopes look great. Whenever you move something, the alignment bars pop up showing you exactly how everything aligns with the other.

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Merge printing is excellent, offering the ability to create specific lists from your addresses (it pulls your addresses from Apple Address Book, Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Now Contact and File Maker Pro). Additionally, during the printing process, you can also specify whether you want the country name surprised, cut marks, what label to start from ( we all have sheets around with just a few labels left on them).

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The flexibility of the program is perfect for the home user as well as a small business. If you want to increase the clip-art, they have an add-on pack that adds 40,000+ high quality images, and one that includes an additional 100 fonts. During my testing I shipped out 100 postcards, 200 mailing labels, and printed off some labels for my binders. Each one was done with ease - which really makes me appreciate this application.


With the level of sophistication and flexibility this product offers, I could never go back to using the cumbersome Pages or Word to create labels. By far, this is absolutely the definitive Labels, Addresses, Envelopes application for your Mac. In fact, it's the best I've used on ANY platform. As hard as I tried to find something wrong with it, I couldn't. Highly recommended.

Product: Labels & Addresses

Company: Belight Software

Price: $24.99 in the Mac App Store -- or from their Web site, where you can get a Free Trial.

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