iCloud Syncing with Multiple Users on a Mac

Trying to setup iCloud for multiple user of the same iTunes account is a pain in the rear. Apple does a lot of things *RIGHT*, but this one has been quite annoying trying to figure out how to sync multiple users together.

Here is what I want to do:

We currently use one common Apple ID for all of our iTunes purchases, and that enables us to buy it once, and it's available on all iOS devices (iPad, 2 iPhones, 1 Mac).

I read an article by Lex Friedman @ Macworld that says you should setup iCloud accounts for each member of the family. This will get them their own @me email address, 5GB of free backup storage, a good @me email for using iMessage, and more. The CAVEAT is if you are trying to do this with only *ONE* Mac.

Apple allows you to sync only one iCloud account for all users of one Mac. So, for example, I can't have my wife's iCloud setup to sync bookmarks, addresses, etc without having it sync to all of the accounts on the Mac. Apparently, iCloud is global for all users of any individual Mac. How short sighted this is. Many families SHARE a computer and each have individual needs that this system simply won't address.

So, what can I do?

A) Create iCloud accounts for me and my wife, only for our iOS devices, and leave the Mac out of the loop.

B) Choose one of the iCloud accounts to use as a master account and deal with having our address book the same for both of our phones and Mac user accounts. Not ideal. She doesn't want my work contacts, and I certainly don't want her hers. We definitely don't want to share Bookmarks.

C) Forget about using iCloud on the Mac altogether, and then at least what we create on our iPhones will be our own set of individual information that won't clutter up our Mac accounts with unnecessary information. But, then we can't use Photostream.  You can select individual things to sync to the Mac, but still the Photostream would have to be to one specific iCloud account. With this being the case, if my wife takes a picture on her phone, it will show up in the Photostream. If I take one on my iPhone, it won't since it's not associated with my Mac.

Perhaps I am over thinking this, so if anyone has some suggestions for what I am trying to accomplish, please - by all means, drop me a note in the comments.

Apple needs to streamline this a little better so that it works within a family. It's the right thing to do.