Verizon iPhone Announcement?

Verizon Wireless has just sent out press invites for a special event on 1/11/11.  All sources speculate that this IS the date of the announcement where Apple and Verizon come together to bring the iPhone to Verizon Wireless subscribers. I fully support this theory, all signs point to it.

- In an Apple Q&A, Steve Jobs said they have a 'Verizon' cell tower on the campus.

- Apple is playing nice with Verizon by offering them the ability to bundle the iPad with a MiFi device and sell in their stores.

- Verizon Wireless just made several announcements about it's network and upcoming phones at CES this week. Apple wasn't at CES, and never is.  Therefore, they are waiting to make this announcement until CES is over, as to not take the thunder out of it's other partners phones or their network announcements. 

- AT&T Contract has got to be up by now.

- AT&T is dropping iPhone 3GS prices to $49. I don't believe Verizon Wireless will have the iPhone 3GS, just the iPhone 4. A preemptive strike to keep a low cost iPhone. 

- AT&T is making great effort to promote their other phones recently, such as Android and Windows Phone 7 based phones heavily in market ads. I haven't seen any iPhone 4 ads in quite awhile. 

- Verizon Wireless is beefing up their network big time. Partially for 4G LTE, but also readying itself for the iPhone 4. 


Check out this article from ALL THINGS D.  They think this is it too, and I'm with em' 100%.