Review: LED Light & Key Lock: Firefly Flashlight for iPhone 4

Every iPhone 4 should have at least one flashlight app, as the LED comes in handy when you need to make your way to the bathroom or find some keys in the dark. If you've looked in the app store, there are tons of Flashlight apps to choose from, but a new one has emerged and asked us to take a look.
As far as flashlight apps go, it's pretty straightforward. You launch the app, press the ON button and the LED on the iPhone 4 brightly lights up, providing you with an abundance of white light to guide you.
This app is a little different in that it offers a 'key lock' to keep you from accidentally turning the light off when you are handling the phone. When you engage the lock, it has a nifty little feature that dims the screen by closing some virtual blinds. To unlock the display, you 'slide to unlock' the key on the front. They call it a 'professional key lock', which I don't really understand why it's named that, but nonetheless, it works.
We're not re-inventing the wheel here, but it's a very nice effort with sharp graphics. 
Price: $ .99 USD