Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2010 in a Nutshell

First the initial PR and Stats:

Steve Jobs walked out to much applause and started with the public relations and statistics updates about iPhone and iPad.


iPad updates-
We have 8500 iPad apps in the store now with 35 Million downloads and 2 Million iPads sold.
iBooks- We've had 5 Million iBooks downloads. Five of six of the major US publishers claim the iBookstore has about 22% share of their products.


Steve makes it clear that Apple supports 2 platforms: HTML 5 and the App Store.
Currently there are 225,000 apps in HTML 5 in the App Store.
Apple sees 15,000 apps submitted weekly with 95% of apps approved in 7 days.
Unapproved apps are 1- 'not functioning as advertised', 2- 'private APIs'  and 3- 'crashy'.


Then Steve brings out a few friends.


- EBay Success report from the CEO John Donahoe - EBay expects $1.5-2B of app related profits this year.


- Reed Hastings of Netflix announces Netflix for the iPhone! Free! This summer. The iPad app is a big success. Built of Apple's adaptive bit-rate to help seamless network switching, which is great for movie streaming.


- Mark Pincus from Zynga announces Farmville for iPhone. Zynga has 70M users, $2M raised for Haiti. Farmville will have push notices for crops!


- Karthik Bala from Activision Games introduces Guitar Hero for iPhone.
It comes with classic rock, such as Queen, Rolling Stones. They've designed a 'new gaming experience', tapping and strumming for play. He demos live. $2.99 in the app store.


Steve announces they've passed 5 Billion downloads from app store. The developer cut is $1 Billion.


iPhone News-

Quotes from Steve-
 "There have been a lot of stats floating around, market research, studies. Some are okay, some are questionable. I'd like to give you two pieces of data. The first is a report that just came out from Nielsen. They said what is the market share in the US? RIM, #1 with 35%, iPhone, 28%, Windows 19%, Android 9%... Nielsen said we're over three times the market share of Android."
 "Here's another one -- mobile browser usage. iPhone is at 58.2%, and Android is at 22.7%... that may help you put things in perspective."


Today we announce iPhone 4, the biggest leap since the iPhone!


iPhone 4 has 100 new features, let's look at 8:


1- Physical redesign- 
A new design, its the thinnest smartphone out at 24% thinner than 3Gs. Made of stainless steel and a special engineered glass. It hits all the right green notes- no Arsenic, BFR, PVC or mercury, plus it's highly recyclable.


Immediately the changes we see are an additional camera in front, a second mic on the top and a more squarish shape. The antenna has become part of the engineering, it includes the steel banding around the edges to boost the power. 

2- New Screen Technology-
Introducing Apple's 'Retina display'. It has 4X the current pixel density, 326 px per inch, 300 is about the limit the human eye distinguishes. It's good for character based languages. The edge contrast is pretty outstanding. The stats are: 3.5-inch display, 960x640, 800:1 contrast ratio, (both are 4x better). IPS technology for more accurate color than OLED. (IPS is a tech designed by flat screen makers to improve wider angle viewing)


3- New Processor- 
We built our own chip, the  A4 processor, and switched to micro SIM for space.
"Because we've been able to make the battery bigger and because the A4 is so good, we've improved the battery life. 7 hours of 3G talk, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music..." There are also 300 hours of stand-by time.


4- Gyroscope-
We've added a Gyroscope to the accelerometer for 6-axis motion. Steve plays a Jenga like game with the gyro rotation, moving the phone all around to remove blocks and topple the tower. There is a new API for the Gyroscope.


5- New camera system-
We've jumped from 3 to 5 MegaPixels with backside illuminated sensors. The Megapixels stay the same size (ie, capture more data plus additional pixels!). There's 5x digital zoom, tap to focus, 1 click sharing, LED flash. Introducing built in HD video with editing, 720px at 30fps.  
iMovie on iPhone! Randy Ubillos, iMovie and Final Cut engineer, demos editing, adding titles, transitions, iTunes music, themes. It will be $4.99 in the App Store.


6- iPhone OS4- 
First we renamed it to iOS4. Let's talk multitasking. We never wanted to do it, until we could manage to not kill the battery. We've added folders and whatnot. Now he plays music, checks his mail, goes to a webpage. Swipes to one side for instant iPod controls. There's a unified inbox for mail. Auto folder creation, by dragging on app onto another. Steve notes that the Enterprise side of iPhone is going well.
Apple is adding Microsoft's Bing search to current search support.
iOS4 Gold Standard API is available for developers today.


7- iBooks-
iBooks are coming to iOS4- (we've sold 100 million iOS devices: iPad, iPhone, Ipod Touch). iBookstore is being added to iOS4, with free multiple downloads to multiple devices, syncing etc., over WiFi. Steve notes there are 150 Million accounts in iBooks.


8- iAds- 
iAds already has big advertisers like Citi, Target, Sears, Nissan. These compnaies are designing interactive ads. July 1 is the push date for iAd to iOS devices. Apple already has a 48% commitment to iAd (of all iOS4 ads) from advertisers for 2nd half of 2010.


One More Thing!
He makes a video call to Jonathon Ives and …


Announces FaceTime- an iPhone video calling app. It's WiFi only in 2010, until the carriers are onboard. No set-up, easy to use. He shows a video of sign language conversation. Steve and Jon talk about how the Jetsons tech has finally arrived.



iPhone 4 is in two colors. White and black. Pricing- $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, pre-orders start June 15th.
iPhone 4 will be available June 24th. Upgrades at AT&T available 6 Months earlier than contracts end. 5 Countries will have iPhone 4 in June, 18 More in July.


iOS upgrades free, even for iPodTouch. Not all features available in older models. June 21st. (not available on Original iPhone or iPod Touch)


Dock and Cases $29 each; cases in multiple colors.


As a final thought Steve mentions that Apple is at the crossroads of liberal arts and technology and he's proud of this new product.


Editor's Note: Thanks to the live bloggers in attendance, including TMO, Engadget and Mac/Life, who did a great job reporting the news. We hope to discuss some of these announcements in further detail in the coming days.