iPhone 4 Screen and Signal Problems

Now that the new iPhone 4 is in the hands of thousands, it didn't take long for people to start complaining. 

The first one that has cropped up is a yellowing on the bottom of some of the displays. It seems that it's really only noticeable when there is a full gray background. The concensus is to... tada.. wait.  Some experts are thinking that since this is a rushed product, and was made just days ago that the bonding agent hasn't fully evaporated yet. Time will only tell on that one. Check out Gizmodo's reports page

Up next is the problem of signal strength. People have immediately noticed that when an iPhone 4 is laying on the table, it has a much higher signal strength that when you are holding it. If you hold it in the bottom corner of the phone in your left hand, you can literally watch the bars go down in seconds.

Adam Christianson of The MacCast has created a video of this problem replicated on his 3GS running iOS 4. Seems like an existing problem, it's just more noticeable on the iPhone 4 since the antenna comes in direct contact with your hand.

When addressed to Steve Jobs, his answer was essentially "don't hold it that way".

Here is a link to the Mac Rumors site that shows the exact email.

Steve Jobs Email 

At least Apple is acknowledging this. Seems as if we need to buy those Apple Bumpers they made for the iPhone 4 after all.