iPhone 4 Pre-Order Delays

Between AT&T and Apple, pre-ordering an iPhone 4 was darn near impossible yesterday. I tried several times, but either the qualification didn't work (AT&T's fault) or the server timed out (Apple's fault).

Apple did launch an iPhone Apple Store app, which enabled you to pre-order the phone from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Many people found this to be successful, but I was greeted with an app that crashed multiple times when I tried to check eligibility. Also, it couldn't find an Apple store when I entered my Zip code. This app needs some work.  

As it stands now, Apple has had 600,000+ pre-orders. Pretty amazing that they didn't plan for this. It's the first iPhone that is evolving into something more than the previous iteration. Reports from my followers say that they are getting theirs between June 24th and Mid-July.

Apple has stopped taking pre-orders, and when I tried to reserve mine, I was greeted with 'Stop by the Apple Store on launch day - 1st come, 1st serve'. Even though it says clearly, 'Pre-Order'. Oh well, patience is a virtue.