1Password Pro for iPad Released

Agile Web Solutions hasn't missed a beat, and has released an updated version of 1Password Pro for your iPad. If you haven't used 1Password, it's frequently heralded as a must-have password manager app for your Mac, and you can now get a taste of it on your new iPad.  If you have been using 1Password Pro for your iPhone/iPod, you can simply update it and get the new iPad features.  If you are using the standard version of 1Password for the iPod/iPhone, you will need to purchase 1Password for iPad or simply upgrade to 1Password Pro, which includes versions for all of the Apple touch devices.

Agile is celebrating the release of the iPad with a 20% off 1Password for the Mac. If you haven't picked up this app, now is a good time to do it. 

Very happy to see this made available so soon, as I keep all of my details in my 1Password file. Not just passwords, but I keep credit card info, software licenses, and a whole lot more. Definitely worth the price.