App Clutter - A look inside my App folder

My app folder is cluttered with crud. Do you know what you have installed on your Mac? I started to wonder what I had in my Applications folder that I never use. With all of these MacHeist style bundles available, I seem to buy a bunch of junk that I never ever use. I also demo a lot of software that I just don't care to register.

Essentially my workflow is this: I have a need for something, download several apps that have trial versions, install them and forget to uninstall them. I even have AppZapper, which makes uninstalling an app and getting all of the junk a snap. I just forget to use it.

Let's take a look at my current Applications folder:

Things circled in blue are apps that I depend on every day to function.

Things circled in pink are the items that fall into any one of these categories:

  • I reviewed it, but have no day to day use for it.

  • It was installed with some hardware I purchased.

  • I was running a trial version to test the capabilities and forgot to uninstall it.

  • One time use for a particular purpose.

Apps not circled indicate they fall somewhere between the blue and the pink, meaning I don't regularly use them, but when there is a time for them, I launch them.


Now I just need to launch AppZapper and start removing everything in pink! What's in your folder that you have never even used?