Apple Event - Back to the Mac - October 20th

Apple is holding an event on October 20th! What kind of information can we gleam from this inviation image? Well, perhaps a smaller MacBook Air - this image looks kind of like an Air, and there has been huge speculation of a refresh of it. Previously,  they have updated the iMacs late in the year, so I expect to see a new iMac as well. 

We can see a Lion in the background, so odds are the next version of OS X will be called 10.7 'Lion'. Apple uses a 'cat' naming scheme for it's OS X product, and this looks like a 'Lion' to me. This is exciting, and what I'm looking forward to the most. 10.6 Snow Leopard feels stale to me, especially when I look at some of the features Windows 7 has built-in (AVCHD playback for example). I wouldn't expect it until next year though, after WWDC in June/July timeframe. I just don't think they are focusing on it right now and haven't had the time to develop any revolutionary new features.  

iLife is way overdue for an update. I'm definitely looking to see that available immediately, or at least by the end of October. Some of the apps are long in the tooth and need changed. Start with iDVD and work their way to Garage Band -- hopefully some big improvements on both fronts. I wouldn't be surprised if they eliminate iDVD altogether, however, I would prefer they keep it, but add support for burning AVCHD content to discs. 

I have my fingers crossed that Apple will be streaming this event like they did with their last one. If not, I'll hit my standard GDGT page which always provides excellent coverage of these breaking events. 

We'll find out tomorrow!