iPad - Welcome Apple's new Baby!

Apple introduced their latest revolutionary product today, the iPad. Not iPod, but iPAD. At first glance it looks pretty much like an iPod Touch blown up. Under the hood it pretty much is, but with some new secret sauce.
The new device runs on an Apple developed A4 processor running at 1GHZ, almost twice the speed of the iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS. It features an 9.7" LED backlit multi-touch display with IPS technology. Not the OLED as some thought that it would include, but this is probably the better way to go since the OLED screens aren't great in sunlight and they also are more expensive.  Screen resolution is 1024x768 which is a pretty good resolution to show a whole webpage and still make the text readable. 
It features most of the goodies found in the iPhone/iPod , such as the ambient light sensor, accelerometer, non-removable battery (but it gets up to 10hrs), standard Dock connector, etc. 
The slick part is the speed and the new and improved stock applications being offered on this device. It comes with the basics, Calendar, iPod, Notepad, etc. They have revamped the Mail app to include a reading pane view which really makes for a more desktop like viewing experience. There is a large software keyboard that looks like it will be easy to type on, but as with the iPhone/iPod Touch, this is subject to the person using it. There are some people out there that REQUIRE a hardware keyboard. Well good news for them, you can use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard with this device, or their combo Dock/Keyboard add-on. That really opens up the possibilities for how people look at this device and how they can use it.  
During today's demo, like the iPhone/iPod, it appears that it doesn't run flash. This is a big deal for some people. Flash is everywhere, and Apple's reasoning behind not having flash on the smaller devices was battery life. I wonder now though that it might just be part of their feud with Adobe. I am no fan of Flash, and I think HTML5 is the future, but as it stands, looks like there will be no Flash on the iPad. That means I'm limited to the online video content I can consume. Can you say, "No Hulu!!"?
Accessibility is also important, and Apple isn't leaving the people that need this behind. It features all of the same options that the iPhone & iPod touch have, such as the voice over screen reader & close-captioned content.
I could go on and on, but it's best for you to take a look for yourself. Let it be known, I think this is a cool device. It's going to fill a hole that people have, whether they know it or not. There will no longer be a need to sit and surf the web with your laptop open. Now you can use the iPad. I think the demo Steve Jobs gave today is just the beginning of what we are going to see evolve from this device. Make no mistake, it is a game changer, and I'm not afraid to put it in print.