iPhone Baby Monitor - Seriously?

Normally I don't come down hard on apps I don't like, I just ignore them. However, I think I have found one of the dumbest/useless apps for the iPhone. It's a 'Babyphone' app. A baby monitor replacement. Essentially you leave your iPhone next to your sleeping baby and you preset a number for it to call when it detects you baby is awake. As I read about it, I had to shake my head the whole time wondering who in the world would come up with such an idiotic idea.

I'll break it down:


  • It's supposed to call your home phone, but you can setup other numbers. Planning on leaving the baby alone, eh?
  • It will call me. With AT&T as a carrier, Eh, don't think I'll trust that one. I'll pass. 
  • Would you really want to be without your iPhone and leave it with the baby?
  • The crummy battery life on my iPhone is reason enough to not trust it. 
  • Finally, what about when a CALL COMES IN and WAKES UP THE BABY??


And, it's $3.99 -- are they serious? I can't even take it seriously enough to review. I looked at other reviews of it on the App store by customers. Some like it, some don't. As a guy with an infant in the house, I won't even give this app the time of day.