Apple Event Set for Sept. 9th? Maybe.

All Things D has speculated that Apple's annual 'music' event will take place on September 9, 2009. Seems fitting, if you are into reading the numbers - 9/9/09. Their inside sources say it will essentially be just about the iPods and nothing to do about the talk of the town, the 'tablet'.

Rumors on the web are speculating that the new iPod Touches will have a faster processor & more ram, to make it comparable to the 3GS and even offer a 3MP camera. It's hard to tell what they can do with the shuffle; it will be too easily lost if they go any smaller. Sadly, I personally expect them to retire the hard drive based iPod Classic.

Microsoft will be launching it's new an interesting Zune HD device on September 15th. While it looks quite appealing, and is probably the first competitive offering from Microsoft, it will be lost in the shadow of the new iPod devices.

What do you think?