Move to Squarespace - Completed!!

WOW! It only took me 30 hours of work to manually move almost all of my old content to our new host SquareSpace.  If I had been using something other than Drupal, I could've moved the content over easier. The big caveat for me was not to lose my Google Rankings and direct links that other people have provided over the years. I think I've accomplished most of it... but don't be surprised if you see missing images, text that flows together and is hard to read, etc.  I'm workin' on it.. but now I am going to take a break.  Goodbye Drupal -- you made my life way to difficult.

You may want to subscribe to the new RSS feeds and unsubscribe from the old ones. It will be interesting to see how traffic increases or decreases over the next week or so. Whenever you do a move, one of those two things always happens. 

Now.. I just need some new content!