The iPod Saga Continues

Ok... I received an email from Apple Dispatch that my iPod was on it's way to allow 2 days to receive it, and they sent me a DHL link to track it. Sounds good. I track it, and there is No Record found. I wait another day... No Record found. Hmm... they said I should have it by Wednesday.. so what is going on. I track it this morning, Thursday, and No record found. Ironically, I hear a knock at the door. Dogs Barking alerted me.. they always go off when they think someone is here. To my surprise, it's a FEDEX guy! I see my iPod box sitting on the ground as he gets his chart ready for me to sign it, so I am elated. Downstairs I go, opening the box on the way to my Mac Mini. I open the box, inspect the iPod, and get my dock plugged in. I turn the iPod over, and guess what I saw? The WRONG ENGRAVING!!!! Am I mad?? Not now. It is so ridiculous, now I have to laugh. They totally missed the whole first line of what I requested. Give me a break!!! I pick up the phone, and leave a polite message at the Apple Care Executive Relations person I am dealing with. Will he call back.. I hope so. Is it a huge freakin' deal.. not really, but I am not waiting another 25 days to get my iPod back! I am going to cross-post this over at Mac360 Forums as well.