iPod trouble

Here is a post I put on playlist mag, but never got a resonse on. My main question is.. has anyone had any trouble with their iPods where you had to go through many to get one that works? From Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has had any situations similar to mine. Please note I ran the FULL battery of tests on each incident including the software restore..and Apple always had me send it back. I bought my 40GB 4th Gen iPod in Nov.2004 from the Apple online store. It worked great until January, and then all of a sudden, the video screen went blank—and stayed blank. Music played - however no video. I sent it back to apple, and they sent me a new iPod (refurb..but looked new). Took about 10 days round trip. This second iPod worked fine until May, and then the hard drive went out. It made a knocking sound and wouldn’t boot up at all. Shipped it back… and 3 WEEKS later I received a new (refurb) one. This time I bough the Apple care… this was becoming much too common as far as repairs go. So, now...again… my iPod isn’t working. The hard drive is making a whining noise.. and when I try to sync it, it goes to the first song, and stays there… it says updating song 1 of 1567. I Called Apple Care this morning, and sure enough, they are sending me a box. This is so frustrating. The iPod has woven itself into my life so tightly, and now it will be gone another couple of weeks. I am going to have to buy a ‘spare’ so I will have one to use while the other is being replaced!! I treat this iPod pristine… I don’t RUN with it, don’t drop it, nothing of the sort. In fact, when I went into the Apple store (300 miles away) the last time it crashed, the Genius said it looked like it came right out of the box, not even any fingerprints on it.. (I hold it on the sides). I see people carrying them in backpacks, purses..etc and it seems they have no trouble. I may have to invest in a suit of armor for this thing.... Thank goodness I have apple care.. the $59 I paid for it is definitely going to pay for itself. For an update, I called Apple customer relations, and they won’t replace me with a ‘new’ non-refurbished unit until I have had 5 go bad. I am so aggravated with this, it is not even funny. So when the next one comes.. I am tempted to break it just to get a NEW one. I am really not trusting Apple’s refurbished hard drives. I wouldn’t actually break it… but boy with everything I have been through and the hours I have spent on the phone, I would think they would want to fix this problem for me. I am a LOYAL Apple user… I have many many products.. spent thousands of dollars… and all I want is a working item that will withstand minimal use. How hard is that APPLE?? Ironically, the Customer care girl said she had the same trouble.. but because of the process, she has to document a ‘reason’ for sending a new one. I asked.. “How about customer satisfaction!!?”