iBook Frenzy story

I did not expect a crowd so large. I arrive at about 5:45 am outside of Richmond international Speedway. The speedway is parallel with a main road, and is easily accessible to all, even people being dropped off. The front entrance is like a little brick circle for easy drop-off of people. So.. that's the setup. Now, I am driving up..and I see CARS and PEOPLE everywhere. Right across the highway is a Rite Aid drug store. I park there, just like a bunch of other people - swarms of them. As I run across the street to the speedway, I approach the line from the side/front of it. TV Cameras, Police, etc. There were people already parked in the circle, they all apparently arrived at Midnight-1am time frame. I eye up the crowd, which was spanning around 2 corner blocks.. and I am not talking about a single file line either. Quickly I think, what am I going to do to assure I get this iBook. Normally I am all about fairness...but hey, I did promise this iBook to my son. I mingle into the line about 20 people from the gate.... Since it was such a mob scene.. I went fairly unnoticed. I start talking to some of the people in line, and acting like I had been there all night too. I made ' friendly' with a couple people, in a hopes to tag along with them. About 6:30am, a lady from the Rite Aid walks up to the Front of the line and makes an announcement that the Tow Truck is on the way. I drove my company Ford Explorer there, so I can't let it get towed. I am thinking I might as well go home, since I will never find another space. I ask the lady I was standing next to if she would hold my place. I RAN at TOP SPEED to the Rite Aid lot.. hop in the Explorer and start looking for another space. I drive down 3 blocks and find another space..right on a side street!!! How awesome is that. I Dash back up to the speedway, and thank the lady for holding my spot. At this point I am dripping with sweat and out of breath. Now I just had to wait. Now.. its about 6:45am, and we are wondering how they are going to let us into the parking lot of the speedway. The Police make an announcement that they are going to let the people in cars first (double door gates) and then they will open the footgate (where I was standing). The people in cars thought they were going to line up first inside the gates, so they were selling seats in their cars. Some people were paying $100 to get a ride into the speedway. 7am, the Police open the gates for the cars... and at the same time they open the footgate too. Immediately everyone floods into the parking lot at top speed. We had to run about 60 yards (estimate) to the building where they were selling the iBooks. For a line configuration, they just had a single line of yellow police tape to mark where you should line up. After a mad dash to the Police tape, I am about 40 people back in line. the mob came through they came from the sides and pushed the whole bunch of us back.. which put me back to what I was estimating to be about 200-300 people. When this crowd formed we were BACK-FACE/ BODY-BODY the whole time. It was about 82 Degrees about 7am. I made conversation with a few people, and tried to stay near them. Fortunately, most of the people that I was around were generally friendly, and in fairly good spirits. Most of the people were talking, and some didn't have any experience with Macs, and several didn't even own a computer. About 8am, the guy next to me asked for water, and then passed out. A few times I felt very light headed. I hadn't had breakfast, and I didn't bring anything to drink, since I knew it would be a long wait in line. I didn't want to have to relieve myself in public like the lady you read about in the news articles. Anyway, we keep hoping they are going to start the sale early... and we thought they were. They open the doors a bit, a few people went in, and when the line detected this, they PUSHED FORWARD... and we were all getting crushed. 3 People in front of me had a small child, and we were yelling for them to stop pushing because of the kids. It was really sad. The Police kept yelling for us to back up.. however, with about 5,000 people behind us.. we COULDN'T!!! So the lady in front of me calls 911, and tells them to tell the police to have the people in the rear of the line backup so we can too! This goes on and on.. and I am am thinking about bailing out of this line myself. My resolve was starting to waiver and I have to make myself stay in line. I felt I was close enough to get one if I just persevered and stayed in line. Well, after 9am we see the line moving some more, and the police are starting to do a little more crowd control. About 10am, the Police get some of those barricade/corral things, so a line can form into the building. I make it into the line for that, and once we get into the building... everyone was elated. The warehouse was air conditioned, and people's spirits were definitely lifted. We were basically assured we were getting an iBook. A guy comes through the line and checks identification, and then hands us a 'Ticket' for the iBook. I was #745 which surprised me. I didn't think I was that far back in the line. They put out iBooks on a table, and when your line was called, you were instructed to pick out an iBook, take it to a 'Testing station' (a table with a power strip), and see if it worked. You could just boot it to the Welcome screen, so just basic tests were are that you could do. I helped a lady that was in line who asked me to help her choose a good one as well, since she didn’t know anything about choosing a working system. What did I get...? I got a decent looking iBook, a bit battered..but in overall good condition. In fact, I think mine has a new battery, it runs for 6 Hours… which surprised me! I ran all of the diagnostics from Tech Tools Pro, and everything checks out. People on the news have been saying some of theirs doesn’t work, and the local mac shops are saying it will cost $300-600 to bring them up to spec w/ memory, hard drive space, etc. 
It has OS X Jaguar on it, and I am going to upgrade it to Tiger. I went to the Apple store here in Richmond to get a Tiger CD, but they only had the DVD. These laptops only have a CD-ROM in them, so If anyone has an idea on how to do it.. I could use the advice. This was the most unorganized event I have ever attended. The school system is emphatic that there was adequate planning. I don’t think so. If it were me, I would have checked ID before the people entered the Raceway, and issued the ticket right there. When the 1,000 tickets were gone… the crowd would have dissipated as well. I feel bad for the people that didn’t get a laptop, and also feel a bit guilty I got one of them. There were older people, kids, and frankly probably more people than me that deserved one of them. It just depends on how you look at it. 
I wouldn’t do it again.. even though it was a great deal.