How to Buy the iPhone

This is pre-iPhone release and is currently out dated article

I was calling around to random Cingular/ AT&T Stores across the country today to find out how many iPhones they expected to have. Some reps were fairly loose lipped with the knowledge they did have.

Some of this is common sense, but it's going to save me some time when I go to make my purchase.

Here is what I found out.

* Only Apple Stores and Cingular/AT&T Corporate Stores will carry the phone. I heard that from 4 stores. The 3rd party 'authorized' stores are peeved too... since they can't get some of the business. Don't waste your time camping overnight at non-corporate stores.

* You can buy the phone at Apple.Com and take it to a Cingular/AT&T Authorized Store to activate, it if you wish.

* No direct info on pricing plans yet, but they expect it to be competetively priced with the other plans. Pricing plans should be announced to the stores closer to the launch date, according to the email the AT&T guy read.

* If you call AT&T directly, tell them you are interested, they will take your name and number and call you back on the 29th, and let you know how many phones they have in the warehouse. They will then Overnight you one for $14.95. If you can wait 2-4 days, then shipping is free.

* No idea about ringtones, but the people speculated that using your iPod music for ringtones was quite unlikely.

Hope this helps!