Export iPhotos to Facebook - Sweet!

If you are an avid Facebook user like I am, there will be a time when you want to post a photo. I keep all of my photos in my iPhoto library, so getting a picture onto Facebook can be a hassle. You have to export the photo from iPhoto, then upload it to Facebook, tag it, etc. Too many steps. Luckily I found a great iPhoto plug-in that takes the pain out of it. It's called 'Facebook Exporter for iPhoto'. Catchy name, eh? Install it and then you are ready to add some pics to Facebook. Simply select the photo, go to File -> Export, choose the 'Facebook' tab and then start titling and tagging and you are ready to go.C81990F0-BCDD-4609-B6C3-6982EE321594.jpg If you want to add pictures to your Facebook account, this app is a godsend.