Being Sc***#@ Over by an Apple Customer Support Rep

Well, now I am really mad. Sixteen days since I called Apple care. When I initially called, they said the turn around time was 7-10 MAX. I checked my iPod status online, and it still said ‘HOLD’. I called the Customer Relations lady and asked her what the status was. She said it was on hold since I initiated a complaint to the BBB. I asked her if she could send out the NEW iPod she promised me, and she said she never said that!! I was quite taken aback that she would blatantly deny this. Like I just pulled it out of thin air. They way she put it was that ‘she could extend my customer relations call until Aug 8, and to call her then.’ My feeling is that she was telling me this to assuage me and was hoping that the iPod would be back by then and I would be satisfied...and she wouldn't have to fulfill her end of the agreement or ever hear from me again. She said that she just agreed to keep the complaint open another 30-60 days. (whats the point of this...??) The liar said the iPod is in the process of being engraved in Asia.. and that then they send it back to them, and then they ship it to me. Like I can believe anything she says now. Also, she said the reason it may still be on hold is that I ‘Escalated’ it with a complaint and the customer relations department could no longer help, I will now need to call ‘Patrick’ in executive relations… So, I am waiting from a call from him now. Perhaps he will care and be honest. I am so upset I am thinking about buying an iRiver. I am not trying to screw apple.. but they are doing it to me. I don’t have free time to keep following up with this and taking up my valuable time to deal with these problems. If I billed my time to them, it would be more than the cost of the iPod!! Not to mention the anger and stress I have let this put on me. If anyone needs direct numbers, Apple Customer Relations is (512-674-2500) You will be asked to enter an extension, but let it bypass that and then it will go to an Operator, and just ask for a Customer Relations associate. Look out if you get any that start with the letter ‘J’. Before your judge me for being harsh.. remember I have had my iPod gone for over 2months of repair already… not including this most recent time.