Holiday Gift: Mobile Me - Sync the Apple way

Here’s the thing, Mobile me has saved my bacon a few times. It keeps all my sync info, like contacts and iCal, without me thinking about it. It has extra storage for stuff I want to keep in the cloud. It has easy Public Folder access for me to share files with other folks. And it gives me a non ISP e-mail address. You can do all those things with 3+ other programs, but for me this has been the simplest solution. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had serious issues with it, so I know recommending it is controversial. There have been several times in the last year that I have been glad it’s been there backing me up though. Also don’t pay full price at Apple. Go to Amazon and get it for cheaper.


Product: Mobile Me

Price: $99 from Apple, but cheaper on Amazon.

Recommended by: @shealadraws