Holiday Gift: ROKU Player - Stream it!

@Shealadraws Picks: Roku Player

We all know we wish the AppleTV did just one more thing. So instead of buying an AppleTV (sorry Steve), buy the Roku Box for $79.99. They’ve also added HD versions of the Roku Box, for $99.99 and $129.99. The expensive one includes Wireless-N. It sets itself up, the interface and remote are easy to use and it has content! You can set your Netfilx up on it, to stream to that lovely TV in front of your couch! You can buy movies at Amazon. You can rent movies form Amazon for the price of a Blockbuster rental and cheaper than any on demand service. And Roku is still making deals. They’ve just started adding channels like Pandora, MLB, Flickr. They’re working on other channels like YouTube. I recommend the Roku Box for anyone, not just your Apple fan. 

Product: Roku

Price: $79 - $130 depending on the model.

Recommended by: @shealadraws