Holiday Gift: Bean - Free OS X Word Processor

Allison Sheridan picks: Bean

How much of Microsoft Word do you actually use? Do you do linked footnotes? How about automatic generation of tables of contents? Do you use paragraph styles? Or maybe you're all about the bibliography? Yeah, me neither. Unfortunately you can't get Word without the rest of the Office Suite, and it's $150 if you get the home version. 

What if you could get the features you actually need in a word processor and not all the features that serious writers need but we don't? and what if that application actually looked nice and launched really fast? I feel like saying, "and how much would you pay for this?" but that would sound like an infomercial. Ok, punch line is what if this was all free?

My word processor of choice is now Bean from This beautiful little Universal OSX application is released under the GNU Public License, in other words it's Open Source and free but it doesn't have that Soviet Cold War era look and feel of many open source projects. Bean imports .doc files from Word and supports rich text format, rich text with graphics, .txt, html and webarchive formats along with it's own .bean format. Even if you already own Word you'll enjoy the elegant, simple and painless interface of Bean.

Product: Bean

Price: Free!! -- Well, burn it to a CD and give it to them. 

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