Holiday Gift: Apple Composite AV Cable

Hunt Henning Picks: Apple Composite AV Cable

If I had to recommend one device for the Apple loving fanboy (or fangirl) that would have to be the official Apple Composite AV Cable. This handy little accessory will set you back $49.00, but not only does this set come with the appropriate cable to connect your iPod or iPhone to our TV, but it doubles as USB connection for your computer and comes with a USB power adapter. The cable works via the dock connector and will output photos, music, and video for numerous iPod and iPhone models.

With this accessory you can share your media with everybody in your family like home movies you created in iMovie, multimedia you ripped, purchased content from iTunes, Keynote Presentations, and even Youtube videos streaming from the device. The kit is extremely useful if you cannot afford to buy an AppleTV and want to watch your iTunes content on your television.  There is also a component cable if you want to output to 480p, but I recommend just buying the composite cable because it is compatible with more televisions and projectors, especially if they are older TVs.

The Composite AV Cable has so many uses most people will be able to find multiple reasons to justify the purchase. There are always third party accessories out there, but I have found over the years that Apple’s iPod accessories are tough to beat in their build quality and compatibility so that is why I recommend this to anyone who wants to connect their iPod or iPhone to a television. 

Product: Apple Composite AV Cable

Price: $49 USD

Recommended by: @hunthenning of TheDigitialCheatSheet