iPhone Squarespace App

After much delay, the new iPhone/iPod Touch Squarespace app is now live. If you don't use Squarespace for you hosting, you probably don't care. If you do, well, you should be very excited.

The software offers the ability to post text and photos from the phone, do basic content management (deleting posts, previews, edits), view your stats, and check how your new post looks with a live site preview. More info here

As a first version of this app, it looks pretty darn good -- and its free. You do need a Squarespace Account (help me by signing up), but it's well worth it. 

Frequently I am on the go and need to make a short post, such as when I am at Macworld, or when there is breaking Apple news that HAS to get out. Now it's super simple with this native Squarespace interface. Very nice.

Full review coming soon!