Holiday Gift: Scribbles - Simple Mac Drawing

Shealadraws Pick: Scribbles

The simplest, but feature full paint program for Mac. This Mac App includes no words, just symbols on the tools, a tracing paper feature and a Scribbles gallery. This app is very easy to use, just clicking the brush, opens a simple interface on brush sizing and brash variety. Every feature about this app is as simple as that. If you turn the page into tracing paper, it shows you what’s underneath the drawing window so you can trace any picture. It even has layers. Scribbles saves in it’s own file type, though it will export to .png etc. You can share your paintings in the Scribbles gallery, add it to your iChat or email right from the Scribbles menu. It costs $19.95 and is a steal for that price for your growing artist with a Mac. 

Product: Scribbles
List Price:  $19.95


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