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Tim Verpoorten's Pick:  Clickfree C2 Backup Drive 

There is usually one underlying reason why computer users do not backup their systems, and that's because it can be a confusing and time consuming process. After all, backing up your system normally consists of two separate functions, the media to back up on and the software that sends your files to the media. Then there is the long and tedious process of having every file backed up while you patiently wait.

Apple has tried to overcome this natural aversion to backup by introducing Time Capsule, a combination of their Time Machine software and built-in media on their Airport Base Station. The idea was solid, wireless backup for any Mac on your network. Unfortunately the implementation has had it's share of speed bumps along the way.

Enter the Clickfree Automatic Backup solution. Specifically, the C2 Portable Backup Drive. This is hands-down the most simple and fastest backup solution, especially for laptops, that I've ever used. Here's why. Simply connect the Clickfree C2 to your computer, and Clickfree's smart backup will automatically find, organize and store hundreds of file types, and will backup only what has changed each time you connect. There is no need to copy and paste files or install software. You can backup multiple computers, Mac or PC, and backup files will be organized by the computer name all on the same drive.

Let's start at the beginning. The C2 Automatic backup drive comes with a built-in USB 2.0 cable attached and hidden away in the back of the small, and lightweight drive. You can plug the drive directly into the computer with that USB plug or use a convenient docking bay with a longer USB cable that will sit on your desk and hold the drive for a more permanent solution. (The Dock is optional). You simply plug the drive into your computer and the Smart Backup Clickfree software walks you though the process of naming your computer and deciding what you would like to backup.


One of the big differences between the Clickfree backup system and other backup software is that you can easily and very simply choose to backup just your documents, music, photos, or specific folder. You do not need to backup the whole operating system or clone the hard drive. You just backup the files you need to backup. Then each time you plug the C2 back into your computer it remembers the choices you made and it backs up your drive automatically. You can also leave the drive plugged into the computer and it will keep you backed up as you go. With C2 connected, plug any iPod or iPhone into another USB port, and the C2 allows you to import music and playlists directly into iTunes.

Another feature in the Clickfree software is the Smart Viewer. You can easily transfer photos to another computer. You can email or print your photos directly from the backup drive, and share photos to Facebook, Myspace, and Flickr.

Secure data with powerful encryption by simply entering a password. C2 uses 256-bit hardware encryption that won't slow down the backup. Then when you have to have the information in your backup, Smart Restore is what you need. Smart Restore helps you to migrate files to a new computer, or when moving from older Mac versions to SnowLeopard. You can also move files from PC to a Mac. Then you can create DVD or CD backups using the burner on your computer without having to install or learn complex archiving software. Restoring is as simple and easy as backing up your files.

The C2 Backup drive from Clickfree comes in 250 GB and 500 GB sizes. The prices are $139.99 and $189.99 retail. These drives are light as a feather and come in High-Gloss Black and High-Gloss White. It's a combination that any computer user will say is a simple and easy method for backing up their system and simple and easy means they'll back it up more often.

Product: Clickfree C2 Backup Drive

List Price: $139 - $189 USD

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