Holiday Gift: Drobo - Desktop Storage & Backups

Chuck Joiner's Pick: The Drobo
The Drobo is an essential purchase for anyone who has data they value...and who doesn't? With the redundancy offered by the Drobo, your data is safe even if a drive fails. USB and FireWire 800 connections let you choose from fast or faster data access. The best feature, for my money, is the expandability of the Drobo. As higher capacity drives drop
in price, or your data storage needs increase as you collect more photos, videos or whatever, the Drobo doesn't go out of date. Just swap out a drive to increase the amount of space available. No reformatting, no copying of data from one drive to another; Drobo does all the work. 

Compare the $399 price tag with the price of four hard drive enclosures
and four raw drives with no built-in redundancy, inconvenience (at best)
of upgrades and the fact that they work separately and you'll start to
realize why you want a Drobo.

Product: Drobo

List Price: $399.00  Street Price: $319 w/ rebate

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