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Our aim is to be a web site that caters to people who want to learn more about their Macintosh and other Apple products. Each day we have short daily tip and a visual tutorial to accompany it. They are aimed at New Mac Users and Mac Geeks. We hope you find them helpful and enjoy them. Please help our site grow! Add your comments, send us questions, post in the forums, and Subscribe to the RSS feeds and the Podcast.

 As the iOS platform has become more popular since 2007, we have continued to add content, where appropriate, for that as well. In fact, most of our product reviews now contain information on iPad & iPhone apps. 


Jonathan C. is the host of the highly popular "Mac Tips Daily!" podcast and the founder of Thinkmac.net

He has over 10 years experience with the Macintosh, and over 30 years of computing experience. He has owned just about every computer type since the Commodore Vic-20, with his first true love being the Commodore Amiga. Not since the Amiga has he enjoyed a computer so much as the Macintosh & OS X.

During the day he works in telecommunications, specializing in SONET & DWDM Networks. He spent several years turning up and testing optical networks throughout the United States.

Mac Zealot is how most of his friends describe him.. and his son calls him a 'Mac Geek'. He does have a 'Genius' T-Shirt — but Apple didn't give it to him, he bought it online. 

Sheala B.

Sheala is a California native, now living in cozy Georgia. A grad in Illustration from a local art school, she is comfortable with paint, pencils and pixels. She is a fan of all things drawn, animated and podcasted. She is also an avid tech junkie.

Sheala has been an Apple fan since early childhood days when she got to play with Apple IIs at camp. Later, in college, she learned various graphics program on both Amigas and Power Macs. The first Mac she owned was a Performa 6400/200 with the special Multi-Media CD ROM. It came with an interactive CD Tour of the San Diego Zoo, which she fondly remembers. Shela also has owned a Quadra 800 and one of the original Power PC models.

There was a brief turn to the dark side and after learning to build her own towers from scratch, she broke free from the XP glam. She returned to the Mac with an upgraded G4 tower. She still has that, as well as a trusty iBook 14"; both are running Tiger.

Currently, Sheala dreams of the day when a new Intel Mac Mini is beamed into her living room. If anyone powerful is reading, she would also be thrilled to test drive one of those cool Mac Tablets, since she considers her Wacom Intuos 3 indispensable.

Mike Z.

Mike is a former Apple Campus Representative for his alma mater, Virginia Tech. He has a degree in Computer Science with a specialty in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). He now works at a company doing design work and programming in Adobe's Flash.

He has extensive experience with Macintosh development, visiting WWDC 2004 and 2005 and working on small applications on the side. He's always looking for new projects to work on and tries to keep up with the latest in Mac development.

His review of applications tend to be based around usability and usefulness and center on the user experience rather than how technically advanced the software may or may not be. This is an attempt to give people, who are not programmers, a clear and accurate picture of the software.

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