Free AppStore Gems


A quick look into the app store will sometimes reveal some real gems - and this week, here are my current free favorites

  • Monday - 1Checker - This is a great proofreading application, help your writing with a little assistance from their online ability to process your prose.

  • Tuesday - Tyme - This is a pretty nice little Time Tracker. If you do any contract or freelance work, this has a nice interface for tracking project time, and even exporting it in a CSV format.

  • Wednesday - FolxGo - Now that Speed Download isn't supported on the latest editions of OS X, this a nice free app, with an option for an in-app purchase that enables scheduling and other tweaks. It even has plug-ins for your browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Opera....

  • Thursday - Composure - This is a fun little free app for collaging your photos, adding stickers to them, fun frames, etc. They do hit you with some in-app adds, but its still a cool little app.

  • Friday - Caffeine - It's been in my menubar for ever. Whenever I'm copying files, watching a video, burning a disc - I want my Mac to stay awake. Caffeine is a cool little app that does just that, with a shot of Caffeine.

Build a Hackintosh - All Parts Listed

If you've been thinking about tinkering around and building a machine that will run OS X, then here is a perfect guide for the do-it-yourself type (or cheap type...).  It contains the latest up to date hardware that is working,along with Newegg and Amazon links. 

Excellent work over at tonymacX86. Also, thanks to CultOfMac for the tip. 

Cloak - Free VPN Service for Mac, iPad, and iPhone


There is a new VPN service on the Apple scene — and it's simple to use. It's called 'Cloak', and they offer a free service for up to 2hrs online or 1GB of secured traffic. This is great for when you are making a quick stop at Panera Bread, hotel, conference, or anywhere they have unsecured Wi-Fi. If you want more than the free account, you can pay $8/mo w/ 20GB of data, or $15/mo for 50GB of data. This is a fairly inexpensive solution for what it provides. 

If you are a geek and want to know all of the technical details, check out their 'technology deep dive'. 

I've been testing the free Cloak service on the Mac, and it's drop dead simple. I have mine configured to use the Cloak VPN service whenever I am on an unencrypted Wi-Fi network. 

They also have a client for your iOS devices as well — so you can ostensibly protect all of your traffic on your Apple Devices. 

Worth a look — check it out. 

Cloak - Free 

Snapheal Updates to 1.1 - Speed Enhancements and More

Snapheal, a new 'magical' image editor that we told you about a short time ago has offered a great new update. The highlights are below, but from my testing, the best feature so far is speed. It's MUCH snappier than the first edition. It's available in the app store this week on sale for $5.99. At this price, it's worth checking out, especially if you don't have the patience to learn Photoshop.


What's New in Version 1.1

1.  Performance boost for Erase tool. More than 2X times faster.

2.  Overall memory usage and performance improvements.

3.  Significant performance optimization for "Clone & Stamp" tool.

4.  Сrashes fixed.

5.  Minor bugfixes.

6.  Gestures support:

-    Two-finger scroll

-    Pinch to zoom

7.  Drag'n'drop images into application window.

8.  Major update of Sharing functionality. Much better.

9.  Adjust tool improvements.

10.  User interface improvements.