A New Macbook Air, OS X Lion and more!

Today is the Day! Apple introduced OS X Lion to the Mac App Store. Not only that, they released the first Mac ever to come with it -- a new and improved Macbook Air with Core i5 processors and a backlit keyboard. This looks like it's going to be the new replacement for the white Macbook, as Apple has now discontinued it. Also, they have added Thunderbolt ports to the new 27" displays. A good day for Apple fans indeed!

Check out the Macworld reviews for OS X Lion and the specs on the new Macbook Air.

New Apple TV 2 Unboxing

Adam Christianson over at The Maccast has posted his unboxing of the new $99 Apple TV. This device is a streaming only device, unlike the previous gen Apple TV that had hard drive storage and you could locally have your content on the device.  With the new Apple TV, it is targeted more at the person that wants an alternative to the Roku box and only wants content on demand. 

Maccast Flickr Page

Macbook says Goodbye to Firewire!

With the introduction of the new uni-body Macbook it's a step forward for Apple. Some think that it's also a step back. For years, Apple has offered (for the most part) Firewire 400 on it's notebooks. With Firewire you could connect an external hard drive, scanner, video camera, and other devices to your Mac. Overall, it provided better use of throughput and performance compared to USB 2.0.

Sure, it will be missed, but let's not dwell on it. Firewire still lives on with MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. You may need an adapter from Firewire 800 -> 400 to support your legacy 400 devices, but if you need it, it's less than $20.  

Apple is probably just getting ready for the next level of technology. Without deprecation of old technologies, there leaves no room or incentive for advancement. 

Apple Event Set for Sept. 9th? Maybe.

All Things D has speculated that Apple's annual 'music' event will take place on September 9, 2009. Seems fitting, if you are into reading the numbers - 9/9/09. Their inside sources say it will essentially be just about the iPods and nothing to do about the talk of the town, the 'tablet'.

Rumors on the web are speculating that the new iPod Touches will have a faster processor & more ram, to make it comparable to the 3GS and even offer a 3MP camera. It's hard to tell what they can do with the shuffle; it will be too easily lost if they go any smaller. Sadly, I personally expect them to retire the hard drive based iPod Classic.

Microsoft will be launching it's new an interesting Zune HD device on September 15th. While it looks quite appealing, and is probably the first competitive offering from Microsoft, it will be lost in the shadow of the new iPod devices.

What do you think?