Holiday Pick - Productive Macs Software Bundle!

There are a lot of good Mac Software Bundles this month, but none are a better buy (imo) than the ProductiveMacs software Bundle.

This includes the MUST-HAVE apps-- Default Folder X, BusyCal, Fantastical, and Notebook.  There are even more apps included, but I haven't tried them -- such as Home Inventory, Tags, Launchbar, and Cashculator. Default Folder X alone is usually $34.95, and worth every penny -- so getting Notebook and BusyCal on top of that is a huge bonus.

If you already have some of these Apps, you can also Gift them to someone -- and what a Gift that would be!

Check it out- (and if you click on this link, it's  my affiliate link and will help keep my bandwidth costs low).

Productivity suite

Holiday Gift - Apple TV - Under $100

Thinkmac present noreflect

If you have been looking for an inexpensive gift for the Apple lover, check out the second gen Apple TV. Not only is it the size of a hockey puck, but it operates in total silence. With the Apple TV  it opens up a world of viewing right onto your big screen TV. Besides renting and buying movies and TV shows on the iTunes store, you can play all of your music & videos from your iTunes library, play whatever you have on iCloud - including your photo stream from your iOS devices, and the coolest of all is it supports AirPlay. With AirPlay you can push video and music content to your Apple TV from your iOS device. On the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, it can also MIRROR what you see on your iOS screen. Great for some big screen Angry Birds action.


Best of all -- it's under $99.

You will need an HDMI cable, and you can pick up a high quality one of those  at for under $5.


Product: Apple TV (second gen)

Price$95 on Amazon


Holiday Gift: SleepPhones - Pajamas for Your Ears

If you have been sleeping with your iPod or iPhone, you need to check into the SleepPhones from Acoustic Sheep! Essentially it's a fleece earband with nearly flat earbuds. It eliminates the problematic earbuds falling out and the uncomfortable feeling of earbuds being pushed into your brain as you lay on your side. They are an Eco-friendly fleece made from 88% recycled plastic bottles and come in three sizes. It's a great gift idea for the insomniac or someone who just wants to lie down and relax with their iPod.  Check out my full review here. They are a little bit pricey, but overall I think they are a pretty good value since you reap the rewards of a good comfortable sleep. 

Product: SleepPhones

Price: $54.95

Recommended by: @mactipsdaily

Holiday Gift: In Your Face Flexible iPhone Holder

Corey Serrins Picks: IN YOUR FACE flexible iPhone holder

My gift pick for your loved techie this holiday season is The IN YOUR FACE flexible holder for the iPhone (3G S, 3G, 1st G) and iPod touch (1st and 2nd G), which you can find at I reviewed this on the latest edition of MacSliders, but loved it so much I thought it deserved more exposure.

At one end, this holder features a spring loaded padded grip that you pull apart, slide your device into it and then lower it. The grip separates apart far enough that it can hold the device even with a case on it. The grip has foam so . It has a swivel head for optimum viewing in either landscape or portrait mode. The head is connected to an 8" flexible neck to position your device to your liking. The holder has a hinged bottom clamp that opens up to 2" wide and can grip both flat and round surfaces because of its hinged grip.

Sounds great so far, how did it hold up in the field? I've taken The In you face holder on 2 trips now and I must say, this is a must have companion for traveler's. If you've ever used your iphone or ipod touch to watch movies or videos, then you know that your arm gets tired quickly from holding the device. The in your face holder takes these aches and pains away. I was able to quickly attach the holder to my tray table, connect my phone and watch my movies hands-free. What a relief. Because of the hinge on the clamp, I was able to put the holder on any part of the tray, even the round bar closest to the seat (since my tray was broken), bend the neck to a comfortable viewing position, sit back and enjoy my movie. I also had several people inquire about the holder who thought that it was a great idea. The only downside on the trip was the size, I mean it fit into my bag ok, but it was bulky, and just awkward; but well worth it.

The in your face holder is a quality product, the flexible arm is metal and quite sturdy, once you adjust it to your liking, it stays in its place. The grip is well thought out, 2" is sufficient for most areas where you would clamp. The hinge mechanism makes it great for attaching to items that are not square, like a pole. The one negative on the grip is the fact that because of this hinge, you have less surface area on the bottom to actually grip onto something, which means that the holder moves a little when rotating your phone or bending the arm. Again, once you have it setup, the holder does stay in place. The actual holder is well thought out as well in that the foam protects the side of your phone and the spring arm allows the ability to fit in a device even with its case on. The spring loaded clamp does make me a bit nervous as you can hear it when you pull the grips apart; just makes it feel like that may be an issue one day. The grip does hold the phone in place quite well and doesn't budge from its placement even when purposely trying to see if it would by flicking the holder downward with my phone in it. Just keep in mind that when you attach your phone, you'll want to make sure that you don't clamp down your volume controls, so you should place the phone into the clamp closer to the bottom to avoid these controls from being pressed.

The in your face holder is reasonably priced at $30, and is well worth the investment weather you travel, or even for around your desk. I'll post some pictures to my website so you can see it in action, but I consider this a must have product if you own an iphone or ipod touch.

Product: IN YOUR FACE iPhone Holder

Price: $29.95 USD
FYI - use code 5115 =save $10 (thx for the tip @edStead)

Recommended by: @coreyserrins from

Holiday Gift: Epson PictureMate Charm - Portable 4x6 Printing

Jonathan C. Picks: Epson Picturemate Charm

If you're like me, you take lots of pictures and never print them. Sure, you've got that deluxe photo printer at home, but it's such a chore to print them out. You have to import the pics into your editor, mess around with them, and then hope you have enough ink to print them. Luckily, the Epson PictureMate Charm puts an end to the hassle. It  prints excellent 4x6 prints in a matter of seconds. You simply take the memory card from your camera, insert it into the Charm, select the picture(s) on the 2.5" LCD display, choose quantity, and print. It can even do some basic edits like red eye removal, b&w, and sepia. 

One of the best features is it's portability. It's small enough to take to holiday get togethers, sporting events, or pretty much wherever you need to print on the go. I tried it at Thanksgiving and the family thought it was great. It was a delight to be able to print high quality images of photos taken only seconds ago. If you have the optional bluetooth adapter, you can even print from bluetooth devices, such as your cell phone.  Also worth noting, you can connect it to your Mac or PC via USB and print 4x6 images from your favorite photo editors as well. It folds up nicely and can even be carried by it's handle. Now that's portable! If you really need it, you can buy an optional rechargeable battery pack to use on it, for true on the go and in the field printing. For most people, you probably won't need it. 

You will want to pick up an extra print pack that includes 150 glossy sheets and ink to match. It comes with a starter kit, but you can only get about 20 pics out of it. These are a little pricey, at about $37 each, but you do get the ink and the glossy paper, so it's not too bad when you divide it out by 150. 

The Picturemate Charm is an impressive little printer and is focused on printing 4x6 photos and it does certainly impresses with excellent results. This would make an EXCELLENT Holiday gift for anyone with a digital camera. 

Product: Epson Picturemate Charm

Price: $149 at Amazon

Recommended by: @mactipsdaily