Steve Jobs - Live from D8 Conference

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher have the big guy on first at their D8 Conference.

Engadget did a heck of a job on the live blog, so check it out.

They cover the Stolen iPhone, Flash, iPhone/iPad (which one came first), curation of the app store and a whole lot more.


Check out Engadget's live blog. 

The Pogue Experience!

Wow! Today was awesome. What a way to end the week.  I got to spend the morning with David Pogue

Here is how it started. 

Thursday I was watching my Twitter feed and I saw that @pogue mentioned that he was in Virginia. I thought, "Cool!". Later, he posted pictures of working with some Virginia Tech students for his NOVA series. (Which, by the way is going to be AWESOME!). I sent out a tweet asking if he was in Blacksburg, VA.  Later that night, he responded and said 'YES'! and he would sign my 'World According to Twitter Book' for me. 

It's exciting that someone like David Pogue, would be willing to meet up with a stranger. I think my twitter name '@mactipsdaily' and profile probably helped. If my name was 'ZombieKilla95', he might have just passed. When you choose an email address or online moniker, you may want to think about that.  Anyway, we got together for breakfast with my wife '@bizzy2009' who is a huge @pogue fan. It's one thing to run into him at Macworld Expo or somewhere where I would expect to see him, but in my own town? That adds +20 to the cool factor. 

After breakfast at 'Our Daily Bread', I took David to my Barber to get a haircut before he hit the road. After that, we went on a VERY quick tour of our Virginia Tech Campus, and stopped off at the Drillfield to let him take in the sanctity of the April 16th Memorial

Of course, he signed my Book (had to go with the Leopard book, couldn't find my twitter book...aargh!) and my 'David Pogue Keynote' photo.

Thank you David for being such a friendly, funny, genuine and humble person. It was a privilege to have you in our town and to spend the morning with you. I'll see ya at Macworld!

My iPhone Home Screen

David Sparks over at has been featuring iPhone/iPod home screens for several Mac users. This week was my turn to be featured. Find out answers to several burning questions you probably want to know, like what my favorite app is [grin]. In addition to this Home screen series, David does screencasts, reviews, and provides his own opinion on what's hot in the Mac universe.

Apple Event Speculation

Pure Speculation - I have no inside info, just what I think will happen.

iPhone 4.0 Software - What I think? I think they are at a minimum going to have to be competetive with Google's Android platform.

- Background processes. I really think this is going to have to happen. It just has to.
- Customizable Home Screen.
- Consolidated INBOX for Mail.
- Bing? - I Don't think so. Bing is buying their way into every phone, but I don't think this is going to happen.
- Google Maps w/ Turn by turn - I think this will be an update to the Google Maps app.
- Voice Integration - I think they will expand the voice recognition throughout the phone, perhaps licensing Google's technology.
- Apple opens up the iPhone to more US providers, not just Verizon. They will do this to finish selling out their current stock of iPhone before they announce a new one at the end of June.


- The Name - I think the name was the iSlate initially. However, once word got out about all of the 'Slates' introduced by other companies at CES, now we are reading about the 'iPad' patent surfacing again. There is a good chance this will happen.

- 10" OLED screen w/ built-in optional broadband. They will likely use the chipset that supports GSM & CDMA and is provider agnostic. Perhaps when you activate it with a carrier, they offer some sort of rebate for a subsidy.

- New user interface, but looks like OS X.

- $799 w/o subsidy, $499 with.

We will find out Wednesday Jan 27th.

Update: I forgot about the LaLa acquisition. I think this will change iTunes an Apple will introduce it as well. It's time for a change.

Also, if the rumors are true, maybe we will get some TV subscriptions happening. Disney for sure.

iPhone Squarespace App

After much delay, the new iPhone/iPod Touch Squarespace app is now live. If you don't use Squarespace for you hosting, you probably don't care. If you do, well, you should be very excited.

The software offers the ability to post text and photos from the phone, do basic content management (deleting posts, previews, edits), view your stats, and check how your new post looks with a live site preview. More info here

As a first version of this app, it looks pretty darn good -- and its free. You do need a Squarespace Account (help me by signing up), but it's well worth it. 

Frequently I am on the go and need to make a short post, such as when I am at Macworld, or when there is breaking Apple news that HAS to get out. Now it's super simple with this native Squarespace interface. Very nice.

Full review coming soon!