The best cloud backup service - The Sweet Setup

I used Crashplan for 1 year, as I was able to secure a good deal with a special coupon. However, I've heard so much about Backblaze, I decided to go with them for this year. 

I liked that Crashplan was a bit more granular, but Backblaze seems to be doing just fine. I do wish they had a value add for multiple computers, instead of a straight $5/mo per computer. I'd rather pay for a a discounted Family plan of some sort. 

So far, so good. Hopefully I'll never have to 'need' it, but it's there just in case.

Quick Tip: Advanced Wi-Fi Network Info

If you need a little extra information when you are trying to troubleshoot your wireless internet connection, simply hold down the Option key and then click the Wi-Fi icon.

Hold down the OPTION Key and then click on the Wi-Fi icon in your menubar.

Hold down the OPTION Key and then click on the Wi-Fi icon in your menubar.


PDFpenPro 7 - Lots of new features

Smile has released their latest iteration of PDFpen 7 and PDFpenPro 7, the best PDF editing application on the Mac.

The latest version supports iCloud Drive, and has a Yosemite style interface. My favorite new feature is being able to edit the 'invisible' OCR layer. For example, if you have a document and the OCR was a bit inaccurate, you can select the word/sentence, and make a full correction.

Previously it supported roundtripping to MS Word, but now it's also supporting export to Word (.doc and .docx), Powerpoint (.pptx), and Excel (.xls And.xslx).

Full feature list here

It's deeply discounted when compared to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Check out this Feature Comparison between PDFpen, Preview, and Adobe.

David Sparks has done a nice series of videos for getting started, which Will be helpful to users looking to jump right in.

Disclosure - I work for Smile part time, and helped with the testing of the product. This post is not sponsored.